Securing Communities for Reconstruction in Afghanistan: Views from Afghan community leaders in refugee camps in Iran

May 2002

This report is the outcome of a series of discussions with Afghans in Mash’had and Zahedan, Iran, in April 2002. The participants in these discussions were mainly members of Afghan community-based groups, known for their charitable activities for Afghan refugees in both cities. Three women and thirteen men, divided into two groups, talked about different topics that related to the security and reconstruction of Afghanistan from the viewpoints of long-term refugees in Iran. In these gatherings of Afghans, the “Focus Group Discussion” techniques were used to collect their ideas and comments on challenging issues of Afghanistan. These participants have been refugees in Iran for more than 10 years. Some have not gone back to Afghanistan for 23 years, while others have had strong links to their country. They all share an ability to organize support groups for the refugee community in Iran.

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