Curricular Innovation Program

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HHI's Humanitarian Academy at Harvard Curricular Innovation Program

This trailer details the development, strategy and students' response to new humanitarian case modules at the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard.

Each case reaches specific humanitarian learning objectives through the use of an entirely unique approach to asynchronous blended-learning, leveraging Experiential Learning, Just in Time Teaching (JiTT) and Universal Design (UDL) frameworks. This case library is part of a growing number of interactive and simulation based educational assets designed through the Curricular Innovation Program under the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard.

This program doesn't have any resources yet. Please check back later!

A trailer video for the course can be found here. 

From the Syrian refugee crisis to the West Africa Ebola outbreak, humanitarian emergencies have reached unprecedented dimensions and proportions. As need for humanitarian aid grows, how can efforts to alleviate human suffering evolve with it?

About This Program

Often, there are important lessons that cannot be adequately taught using a traditional lecture format. Successful humanitarian practitioners need to actively test and experiment to develop skills and confidence in dynamic situations.  For these reasons some courses require new digital platforms or simulation exercises that can better capture the realities and complexities of humanitarian practice. With a focus on the case method and analytical decision-making, the Curricular Innovation Program is committed to fusing rich course content with experiential education.