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Kelly McQueen
I used to see when some neighbor’s children returned

I used to see when some neighbor’s children returned. The people around would go to her home to give her advice and words of encouragement to her about the child. You know, when you go to the bush or when you are abducted and taken to the bush, the things you go and do from there are very...

Paulo Pinheiro

Paulo Pinheiro is currently the Chairman of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria, mandated in 2011 by the United Nations Human Rights Council, and a Commissioner for the National Truth Commission for Brazil, mandated in 2011 by the Government of Brazil.  He...

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Mischa Shattuck
Haotan Wu

Haotan Wu is a Ph.D. candidate at Peking University, majoring in International Politics, the Middle East in particular. She holds a M.A. (Magna Cum Laude) in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previously, she was an exchange student to Jordan...

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Colombia WinterSession

Colombia WinterSession

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Alex Dorey
Stephen P. Marks
Local Humanitarian Leadership: The Future of Humanitarian Action

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Craig Etcheson
Humanitarian Academy at Harvard
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