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Women in War: Insights: Impact of the LRA
NCD: Humanitarian Crises
Eric Goralnick
To me what I saw happening was that during those times

To me what I saw happening was that during those times, sometimes you find that when the rebels come, some people would run to the bushes without picking or carrying any food stuff. So for those who were able, they would give food to help those without anything to eat. Secondly, there were...

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Daniel Schrag
LRA: Quote LRA fighter reduction
Irene Sun

Irene Yuan SUN is a practitioner and author focused on creating economic opportunity to underserved populations such as refugees, migrants, and the bottom-of-the-pyramid populations in developing countries.

Previously, Irene was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, where she...

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Faine Greenwood

Faine Greenwood is a researcher at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, focusing on how UAV and satellite technology can be used in humanitarian contexts. A graduate of Stanford University and Tulane University, Greenwood is a former Southeast Asia correspondent and a recreational drone...

Alex Dorey
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Destroyed Ambulance in Gaza
Male local defense unit members, South Sudan
Joanna Van der Mewre
Program on Humanitarian Leadership


Yousef Alawad
Youth in Crisis: Intro
child marriage: recommendations
Urban Emergencies Program
Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme


HHI Disaster Relief Hub

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative is pleased to support organizations responding to conflict and disaster globally. We recognize that due to the recent devastation brought on by hurricanes, earthquakes and ongoing conflicts around the world it is difficult to know how best to help those...

Kelly McQueen