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Markus Enenkel

At HHI Markus Enenkel concentrates on the use of earth observation data to detect and predict patterns between extreme weather/climate events, social conflict, food security and migration. He coordinates one of the World Bank’s projects on drought risk financing and represents HHI in the Black...

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Anne Bennett

Anne Bennett is the Executive Director of Hirondelle USA, a non-profit organization that supports local news and information in countries emerging from conflict or faced with humanitarian crises. Bennett has worked in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan and...

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Nepal Earthquake 2015
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The LRA today (2015)

The LRA continues to attack civilians in CAR, DRC, and, to a lesser extent, South Sudan, manipulating porous borders and regional instability to their advantage. While the present intensity of LRA violence fluctuates from year to year and between countries, the LRA has generally moved...

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Christine Letts
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Health in Humanitarian Crises Link
The way we were trying to protect ourselves from the brutalities

The way we were trying to protect ourselves from the brutalities of the rebels, if they come, being people who believed in God, we could pray. If God allows you to go hide in the bush with our children - that would be entirely depending on good luck, and there one could hide with their...