Front Line Indigenous Partnership Program

Founded: 2020
Faculty Leads: Valerie Dobiesz, MD, MPH
Status: Active Program
Regions of Focus: Tsehootsooi Medical Center in the Navajo Nation Fort Defiance Arizona, Gallup Indian Medical Center New Mexico, Cheyenne River Health Center South Dakota
Research Theme: public health, health disparities, vulnerable populations, health inequities, pipeline programs


The mission of the Front Line Indigenous Partnership (FLIP) program is to improve Native American health and eliminate existing health disparities by empowering emergency medicine health care providers serving indigenous populations to provide the highest quality care through educational, clinical and administrative partnerships. The program created clinical exchanges with Brigham and Women’s Hospital emergency medicine physicians providing clinical care at Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Fort Defiance to enhance clinical capacity. The program also sponsors monthly educational didactics, an annual Native American Emergency and Rural Medicine conference, emergency medicine resident physician clinical rotations, and nursing educational and administrative support.  The program is supported by a generous anonymous donor. Learn more here (FLIP).


The Front Line Indigenous Partnership Program utilizes program monitoring and evaluation to optimize outcomes, impact and sustainability.  We conduct needs assessments of our emergency medicine partners and key stakeholders working in the Indian Health Services to develop our programs and establish our clinical exchanges and educational programs. 


The FLIP Team includes the following members based at Brigham and Womens Hospital.