Humanitarian Academy at Harvard

HHI develops a variety of online and in-person trainings designed to prepare students, practitioners, emerging leaders, and executives to succeed in the humanitarian field. 

Our Professional Education programs train emerging leaders, executives, and practitioners on best practices to maximize impact in their humanitarian work. Our Online Education provides practitioners and students from around the world with free online courses on the fundamentals of humanitarian response. Our educational programs for Harvard Students aim to prepare Harvard graduate and undergraduate students to enter humanitarian careers. 

Professional Education

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Humanitarian Response Intensive Course

Two week intensive course and simulation exercise that trains participants in the tools they will need to deploy to a complex humanitarian emergency response.

Humanitarian Geospatial Technologies Workshop

Humanitarian Geospatial Technologies Workshop

Provides the basic skills and knowledge required to use geospatial technologies in humanitarian operations. 

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Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course

Examines the unique challenges and features of humanitarian crises affecting urban areas through lecture, discussion, and table-top simulation. 

Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Workshop

Provides an overview of the basic principles and methodologies for program monitoring and evaluation with emphasis on practical application for humanitarian researchers and practitioners.

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Foundational Frameworks in Humanitarian Negotiation Workshop

Examines the complexities of humanitarian engagement and explores major challenges and dilemmas practitioners face.

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National NGO Program on Humanitarian Leadership

Prepares humanitarian professionals to address the most complicated global challenges through adaptive leadership.

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Global Executive Leadership Initiative that aims to become the eminent executive leadership program for the international community

Online Education

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Building a Better Response

Free online course to strengthen the capacity of practitioners and improve humanitarian coordination. Links to an external site.

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NNPHL Online Course

Self-guided online program designed to improve humanitarian leadership, management, and technical skills. Links to external site. 

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Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster

Free online HarvardX course that teaches the principles guiding humanitarian response to modern emergencies. Links to an external site. 

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Humanitarian Needs Assessment Training

Free online course that trains users on conducting humanitarian needs assessments. Links to an external site. 

Harvard Students

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Humanitarian Studies Concentration

Graduate level concentration designed to prepare Harvard students to enter the humanitarian field. Links to an external site. 

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HHI Spark Grants

Research funding for Harvard students enrolled in the Humanitarian Studies Concentration. 

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Humanitarian Student Association

Connects university-wide student groups & individuals interested in humanitarian events and opportunities at Harvard University. 

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GHHP 70 Course

Harvard undergraduate course covering the fundamentals of humanitarian response. Links to an external site.