HHI Scholars at Risk

The Scholars at Risk (SAR) Program at Harvard is dedicated to helping scholars, artists, writers, and public intellectuals from around the world escape persecution and continue their work by providing ten-month-long academic fellowships at Harvard University. Founded in 2001 as an independent member of the International Scholars at Risk Network, SAR at Harvard relies on the generosity of private donors and the Office of the President to carry out its crucial and often life-saving mission.

For more information on the Harvard SAR please visit: https://harvardscholarsatrisk.harvard.edu/

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative is honored to collaborate with the Harvard SAR Program to host scholars who pursue scholarly activities in the humanitarian field and whose research focuses in areas relevant to HHI’s strategic priorities. If you have questions about the Harvard SAR that HHI is hosting, please contact Dr. Irini Albanti at ialbanti@hsph.harvard.edu