National NGO Program on Humanitarian Leadership

Founded: 2016
Status: Active

Applications are open!

We are pleased to announce the call for applications for NNPHL.13, Jordan is open now through April 3, 2022! This English language training is free and open to mid-level humanitarian professionals working for non-governmental or community-based organizations based in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Yemen.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please visit our program profile page or apply now!


From conflicts to natural disasters, humanitarians are at the forefront of providing life-saving aid to populations in need. Negotiating access to these populations and ensuring that aid is delivered in a manner that respects humanitarian norms and international law is no easy task. This work requires strong leadership and strategic vision. Yet, few humanitarian professionals have access to leadership training programs.

That’s why Concern Worldwide U.S., in consortium with International Medical Corps (IMC) and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) developed the National NGO Program on Humanitarian Leadership (NNPHL). The program, funded by the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs, combines a rigorous academic curriculum with practical experiential learning including coaching and knowledge sharing.

Our Mission

NNPHL aims to provide dynamic and relevant training opportunities that help learners build their skills, knowledge, and confidence to take on leadership responsibilities in humanitarian organizations in order to improve the delivery of services to those in need of humanitarian assistance.

What We Do

NNPHL's diverse set of instructors provides a unique look into the world of humanitarian leadership through two leadership development courses. One is an innovative, blended-learning program for national and local humanitarian professionals called the NNPHL Leadership Training. The second is an open-access, e-learning course - the NNPHL Online Course - which introduces leadership approaches and explores other challenges faced in humanitarian and disaster settings.

NNPHL Leadership Training

Currently, our NNPHL blended learning course is designed to provide leadership training opportunities to humanitarian professionals working at national level NGOs. The training program is a 3-month long innovative blended learning model that is regionally based and requires an application process.


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NNPHL Online Course

NNPHL is working to ensure that leadership development opportunities are available for a wide range of humanitarians and those interested in humanitarian action, not just those who are able to attend the NNPHL blended learning course.

Therefore, we have developed the NNPHL Online Course, which is an open-access, e-learning version of our NNPHL training that touches on many of the same topics we discuss in the NNPHL blended learning course.

The following topics are discussed in the NNPHL Online Course:

  • Adaptive Leadership for Humanitarians
  • Theories of Leadership
  • Leadership and Management in Humanitarian Crises
  • Introduction to Gender and Humanitarian Action
  • Monitoring and Evaluation and the Growth of Humanitarian Response
  • Planning and Risk Management in Humanitarian Response
  • Challenges in Humanitarian Security
  • Gender Leadership in Humanitarian Action

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