Publication Release: Global Public Health Database Support to Pandemic Management

March 29, 2021
frederick m burkle

HHI is proud to share these two recent publications from Frederick M. Burkle, Jr., MD, MPH, DTM, FAAP, FACEP, former Senior Fellow and Scientist at HHI for over 17 years.

This two-part article examines the global public health (GPH) information system deficits emerging in the COVID-19 pandemic. It surveys past missed opportunities for public health (PH) information systems and operational improvements, examines current megatrend changes to information management, and describes a new multi-disciplinary model for population-based management (PBM) supported by a GPH Database applicable to pandemics and GPH crises. 

You can read the two publications by clicking the below links. 

Global Public Health Database Support to Population-Based Management of Pandemics and Global Public Health Crises  

Part 1

Part 2


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