Irini Albanti

Executive Director, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Dr. Albanti is the Executive Director at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and has 18 years of experience in healthcare management and global health. Dr. Albanti leads the strategic, operational, financial, and administrative management of HHI and oversees all HHI programs. Dr. Albanti is responsible for the development of strategies to execute the HHI mission and vision, and amplify HHI’s global impact. Between 2012-2020 and prior to her current position at HHI, she was the inaugural Director of the Global Health Initiative at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, managing international outreach and the design, implementation, and evaluation of global childhood cancer programs.  Dr. Albanti started her career in public health in 2004 as the Administrator at the Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) at NYU Langone Health where she was exposed to international health planning for HIV clinics in Kenya. In 2006, she joined Euromedica, the largest private healthcare network in Greece, and became the Deputy Director of a 150-bed general hospital leading clinical operations, finance, human resources, facilities, real estate, marketing, and other functions. She later launched the first International Patients Department at Euromedica and spearheaded the evacuation and hospitalization of war patients from Libya and delivery of systems-strengthening technical assistance to hospitals after conflict.

In her capacity as Instructor in the Office of Education at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Dr. Albanti mentors Master of Public Health students on developing and executing global health research projects in strategy, leadership, quality improvement, impact assessment, and operations. Her research interest is in public health capacity building in resource-limited settings and bridging business concepts with science and public health.

Dr. Albanti holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (American College of Thessaloniki), a Master of Arts in Communication (University of Miami), a Master of Public Health (Columbia University), and a Doctor of Public Health (Boston University).