HHI Annual Report 2017


Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. 3/2018. HHI Annual Report 2017 .
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The HHI 2017 Annual Report provides a look into the research and educational activities of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. 

At a time of deepening challenges nationally, globally, and especially in the humanitarian sector, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) is uniquely positioned to shape the future of humanitarian response, research, and education. The crises of the past year - including protracted conflicts, refugee displacement, and worsening natural disasters - have further underscored the importance of our work, and deepened our commitment to advancing the science and practice of humanitarian response. Our growing team of leading researchers, practitioners, and educators is working with local organizations and international institutions to build the evidence-base within the field, exchange knowledge with tens of thousands of current and future practitioners around the globe, and shape the development of policy at the forefront of humanitarian action.