Founded: 2020
Status: Active


The Global Executive Leadership Initiative (GELI) aims to become an eminent executive leadership program for the international community. Each year, cohorts of up to 25 senior field leaders, with balanced participation from the United Nations, international non-governmental organizations, and the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, will complete three brief residencies and remote learning engagements over one year. The curriculum will be centered on specific leadership topics identified through extensive consultations., informed by cutting-edge research, and tailored for executive learning. The curriculum is designed around the skills and interests of each leaders and the context and complexity of decisions faced. Participants will engage in the highly interactive curriculum, learn from peers, offer thier own experiences for discussion, and reflect on their individual leadership style to identify areas for personal development. Between residencies, the cohort will participate in remote opportunities, including webcasts that link to residency learning and individual executive coaching sessions. Upon completion, participants will be encouraged to remain engaged in the initiative as part of a growing alumni and senior peer group. GELI will nurture this network of alumni to foster and strengthen collaboration with and beyond traditional organizational boundaries to promote collaborative systems thinking within the existing field leadership cadre. The flagship program will provide a platform for senior leaders to enhance their drive and impact, manage complexity, deliver results, and lead and engage across the humanitarian-development-peace and security spectrum.